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If you are visiting our site, you are like millions of others who are concerned about their oral health and appearance. The number of dental procedures, necessary and elective, continues to grow each year. Over the past 20 years almost 50% of the dental industry growth has been derived from new procedures that were simply not available previously. Technology continues to evolve making the procedures you require or desire more readily available.

Dental insurance is an important component of any benefit package, but in many cases offers only a partial solution. The American Orthodontist Society, a trusted name in the dental community, chartered Advance Care Dental to develop unique solutions to the cost of good oral health.  We now have two, and one of these simple affordable options are sure to put a smile on your face.

The AOS has endorsed AdvanceCare Dental as a financing partner and we are pleased to offer solutions to service a wide range of credit. Patients may apply at their provider’s office or in the privacy of their own home. Simply select “Apply Now” to learn more about this program and begin the application process.